Notes From the Heart

Madeleine Humbert Poole

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Madeleine Humbert Poole

If you see yourself as a shy, tongue-tied individual, "With Dreams In Your Head", please believe in those dreams and believe in yourself. At the age of sixty-one, having enjoyed my life as an Elementary School Teacher, Wife and Mother of two wonderful daughters, a photo journalist, an Art Gallery owner, a Special Education Teacher, my retired life now affords me the opportunity to explore a creative direction that I only imagined as a "dream". Songwriting has given me a wonderful creative outlet through which I am able to express my thoughts and emotions as "Notes From The Heart".

This album is a compilation of my first efforts in Songwriting. The words and music to these songs seem to come unconsciously - welling up from my years of triumphs and tragedies, growth and risk-taking - always guided by an enjoyment of the wonders of life.

Muriel Humbert Poole This album is dedicated to and inspired by the fond memories of my late husband, Robert Muller and my mother, Muriel Humbert Poole. Robert was truly my soul mate. We were blessed with nine years of bliss. My mother taught me to "find the magic 'round you" in each day's adventure. Robert Muller
late husband,
Robert Muller
Madeleine's Mother
Muriel Poole

I hope you enjoy my "Notes from the Heart".

Madeleine H. Poole